vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

I'm looking for a tattoo-artist to come and join me in my upcoming new tattoo-studio..
please contact me at: joris@luiehond.nl


i thought i would be nice to do the shading with a liner(needle)
worked out great i think
one day session


more tattoos on Bart Skills


one day session of shading on matthijs his bighorn
also done with 5 liner..gets the dotwork done : )


2 sessions

thnx alco for the muts en broodtrommel : )


finished sleeve on Martin..we added colors and happy with it


sugarskull with 3 roses and diamonds: 2 sessions


while i was telling people in the shop that i thought cops shouldnt be wearing tattoos..ralph, my customer that day then  said to me; guess what my job is..
me and my big mouth : )


one of my favourite customers: always in peace and no hurry and most of all: very pleased with my work..oja.. we share a taste for sick movies


2 sessions
death in full color : )


i like the way this dragon is going...
one day session


slowly but surely patrick's sleeve is progressing..


Karel is such a nice guy, very humble and trusting my skills
this tiger is for his  father


2nd session..he's so pleased with his sleeve that he puts a smile on my face as well!
thnx Hharley : )


one session


his first tattoo on one of the more painfull spots..he knows that now : )

Italian guy

came in the shop to talk about new tattoo for his lady..always good to see ur work back..


giving some props to his family,
like to do more in this style on his arm..i like seperate pieces instead of a sleeve tattoo sumtimes better..
 and it's actually quite nice to finish a tattoo in one sitting : )


smokin' gun, no regrets, very pedis she is : )

unknown ( please send me ur name )

goddammit, sometimes somebody slips tru the barricades and make me do lettering...
thanx : )


2nd session on chris, freehanded inside of the arm..
a lot happening..all these flames n shit..kinda cool


fuckin' big guy this dude niels..so a small rose would've looked silly..made it big ass
lotus would've filled half of my back to haha


2nd session on this guy who has the nicest job: driving a tourbus round europe filled with girls ..thought i had the nicest job..pffff


look at that inside arm and tell me u don't like sleeves ; )
god that sounds cocky, sorry..
4th session on john who is starting his local heavy metal/ hard rock radio thing..
and i had to tell him about nashville pussy..tsss


finished the demonsleeve, took 4 sessions..
kinda powerfull i think, no escaping these 2 fuckers : )


just started this sleevepiecething on charley..a medusa with her head still on place..with snakes ofcourse and flowers and birds and flames and smoke...why? because we can


aka diggy dex asked me to do a mic, i said sure..
sumtimes life is pretty uncomplicated
2 sessions: 
1 lining and shading 
2 coloring 


second session on jan, we're also gonna do a little colour in the fish (soonish)


4th session for patrick, it's lookin' better and better


filled up some nasty emptie space on daan's back..with respect to the nice roses rinto did a while ago on his shoulders...next tattoo on daan is gonna be a crow..yes!!


angelo wanted koi in a sleeve but starting on the lower arm..first i thought it a bit strange..usually u start them from the shoulder but that was just my limited brain speaking..i like it this way : )
shading and clour in the koi will folow


started on thomas with sugar skull..which we have to finish soon..in between we did this swallow..
i mixed some different blues to come up with quite a nice one if i may say so : )


this is sumthing i stopped doing..maori style tattoos..although it's quite nice to freehand these swirls and stuff but inna way i felt akward doing maori stuff..maybe cos i'm just a plain dutch guy ; )
so people who want maori tattoos..go and get the real thing from new sealand big guys


he had to wait some time but hey..i think it's worth it..
big ass dragon which will be so nice to color and shade ..


my friend marlon saw my new hand tat done by my co-worker dave and then he forgot to not do that..gettin' a full on hand tattoo that is...i've seen it healed and it really looks amazing...not a single line went bad, not even on the knuckles..

jenn and jay or jason

sumtimes i forget a name or a face but never a tattoo : )
anyway he and she from canada came in for a goathead
i wanted his to be a bit more bold looking so i ended up making 2 designs..


2 roses on ronnie...love roses but they're never easy to do no matter how many i've done..strange? maybe


4th session for steve..kinda finished don't u think?
although i think some red would look quite good steve!! 

katjang pedis

beautiful girl with a beautiful alter ego : )
first session


hannah came in wanting rose below bellybutton and script writing above..i suggested 'robe-lettering'
she liked so we did it..god ..lot of work..no time left for rose...i love the rodeo vibe of this lettering


a while ago i did this piece, paul came by last week and showed me the result...i like how the soft shading came out..nice piece on the troath would look well : )


i usually don't do script lettering anymore but i had fun doing this one..


3rd session on victor..one to go i think...


first session on this fightin' rooster..
drawing 5 hrs- tattooing 6 hrs


3rd session for patrick..started shading..
(6 hrs)


3rd session..first fred didnt know if he wanted colors but now he's glad he did some...makes it a bit more alive..
 (tattooing: aprox 4 hrs)


i think 4th session..
3,5 hrs..we did the colors of the back-arm piece..
oh yeah saar..that ticket keeps coming back in my mind ; )


2nd session for patrick..
all the lines are done..phew!..now let the party begin..
first i thought it was kinda strange puttin' a hanya mask there in combination with the dragon..but now i  like it  : )

 (tattooing: 6 hrs)


2nd session on victor, covered his tattoo on the shoulder..i'm not gonna say whta it was..
some hooligans might wanna lynch me for this hehe
 tattooing: 6 hrs


3rd session on remco..
took f$#king 6 hours..sorry dude! sumtimes getting the colors in is quite a bitch : )
but now u can go on tour all happy


finished backpiece on Tim...total 20 hrs of tattooing..not bad i say

 (4rd session: 4 hrs )


i love the way this owl tattoo is going, colors will make it just delicious : )
second session: aprox 6 hrs


with all tthis big pieces i've been doing, it's quite nice doing sumthing a bit smaller..
drawing : 2hrs- tattooing: aprrox 3 )


second session on Fred who had to cancel previous date due to kidney stones..ouch now that must 've hurt!

( aprox 4 hrs )


this here pic goes to show u this is an exception to my rule no more than 3 words per tattoo..
jeez this was a challenge ..pfff...so listen i did this for Tom, since he's such a nice guy and i've been doing alot of big stuff on him..unless ur name is angelina jolie or beyonce i aint doing this  crazy shit no more!! : )
so don't even bother askin' 


first session on Carlo. he wanted different types of flowers but i thought i would look stronger to just go for one big chrysant (chrysanthemum is a symbol of Taoist simplicity and perfection. Autumn is the season of this flower, a time of tranquillity, completeness, and abundance following the harvest. Since it blooms right into winter, it may also symbolize the ability to mediate between life and death, between Heaven and Earth. The ancient Chinese name for chrysanthemum is "Chu." )

as some of u might know i really like rob admiraal's work ( check link )
..i get really inspired by the way his stuff flows..
i think i did a good job on this

( drawing: aprox 4 hrs - tattooing: aprox 5 hrs )


First steve wanted a koi combined with a dragon in his sleeve tattoo..
i don't know why but i had difficulties putting the two together...
maybe afraid that it'll look like  the dragon is about to have a great tasty dinner or sumpting : )
he wanted his relationship with his son expressed so i said why not do 2 dragons? different but equal..
so we did..firts session where i did all the linework..thanx Steve for being very calm taking the pain..

( Drawing: aprox 5 hrs - tattooing: 7 hrs )


Some time ago i did a nice sleevetattoo on Lotte portraying a japanese geisha/dragon pickin' some flesh out of her teeth from a man she just ate..sitting on a pile of skulls from her previous victims : )
now she wanted some flowers on her lower arm..this tattoo having to do a lot with going from a low to a higher lifestate i felt the fenixbird would be a bit stronger looking..
so we booked another sketsch session and did 2 designs..one going over the hand..we both agreed this is a big fuckin' step to do and she went and thought about it for a while.......

then she said: fuck it! let's do it : )

 ( drawing: 4 hrs - tatooing 6 hours )


God! this was fun!
drawing: 4 hrs- tattooing aprrox 5 hrs


it did take a while, but it's there now Vanessa! : )


for his grandmother..his momma cried when see saw this..is that a good sign? : )

drawing 1,5 tattooing 2 sessions each about 5 hrs if i recall correctly


it think this was 4rd session, now we only have to do colors in flowers and in koi..
can't wait  : )


3rd session

tattooing aprox 3,5 hrs..
oh this guy came in with work from Gordon Hatfield...massive!!
the real deal : )


3th session on Gilbert, aprox 6 hrs


pretty old school, one sitting..
drawing: uh..couple of hrs- tattooing: aprox 5 hrs


forgot to ask who helena is..but i guess his it's his daughter..
or he must have married the sweetest girl alive

one of the many 'death before..' options :)


for this piece i used greywash ink ( black ink -watered down to different greys ) with a drop of dark magenta.. i'm very proud the way she looks..i like nostalgic look..without lookin' sad : (
now i need a little holiday... lisboa here i come! so for all people emailing me..i'll be back at 9th of may..peace!


this was great fun designing and tattooing!!
i love it.. dark shading and a few colors will make it stronger lookin of course!


4th session on john..
( 6 hrs )


2nd session, really happy with this piece!
( 4 hrs )


3rd session on Mik, who i found out is the only female i know who can stomach movies as: funny games, irreversible, serbian movie to name but a few...pretty rough shit..

( aprox: 3,5 hrs )


"ow my god! what have i done!!" 
 crown on hand ( aprox: 3 hrs )


finished the barong! bright colors just like the color-sketsch..
me like
( 2nd session: aprox 6 hrs )


started Latino-inspired sleeve on Daniel with the 'iconic' theme: smile now, cry later
i think the more thickened lines with the thinner lines give such a nice graphic style..
and i'm pretty happy the way the 13 came out..
dice and more skulls gonna be added 

(1st session: 6 hrs tattooing- sketsching 5 hrs)


more shading on martin's koi -sleeve..i was very happy with the result of previous session..
always exciting when you get to see the customer/tattoo with healed up skin..

Bart Skills

kinda sorta finished sleeve on Bart,  but there's always sumthing more to be done :)
but for now he can walk proud! great working together, he was really picky about a lot of stuff but in this case it worked out great

( 3rd session: 6 hrs )

joris en balthasar

my son balthasar en i drew some flash..we're both sick in the head as u can see:
i did a portrait of John wayne gacy and my son did a ...uh..


yeah, cobrassssnake..poisenous stuff, red flames to make it even more badass :)
cant wait to do the colors

 (drawing : 2 hrs -tattooing 2 hrs)


i havnt been doing lotsa leg-tattoos..this one on Fred realised that it's actually pretty nice tattooing : )

(drawing:4-5 hrs, tattooing : 4 hrs )


yeey, finished sleeve on chris..
now we can focus on part 2 of his story..the part where there's victory..
symbolised by fighting rooster..

( tattooing: aprox 6 hrs )


this guy is truly proud of his tattoo, the reason i say this is because when i passed the shop where he works, i saw him right in the middle of the store having his arm greased 
by his girlfriend 
didnt give a shit bout  customers.. haha
not finished yet..gonna do some black fillings like lower arm..


i think this was 3rd session for Gene..we extented his 3/4 sleeve by adding  a dragon..
hopefully we're gonna add some shading soon and finish this kwan yin sleeve..she deserves it  : )


Here's a big freehand project on patrick. he came into the shop wanting a big sleeve dragon..
so i did sketchsession which i always do to work it out on paper later..
back home didnt like what i came up with, called him asked for second session..
back at the drawing board..still not happy..
decides to make it a full colour old school dragon..was really happy with result ( will post it soon)
patrick came in and he was so not happy with that haha..so i said no worries, we're just gonna do this fucker freehand..and so we did..
inspired by rob admiraal's work but still kinda joris :)

 (first session-drawing: aprox 3,5 hrs tattooing: 4 hrs)


a freehand piece i did on Eric, his wife is gonna hate me for this haha..
but then again she shouldnt complain..we used her language, so atleast she can read it everytime she looks at it :)
i'll take a pic when it's healed..it's pretty 'reddish' here
fun to do this type of stuff!
i think it could use a nice catholic sacred heart with flames but maybe later...


This here is a barong on roy,
he wanted it pretty traditional like u see them in Bali..
Above u can see the clours we're gonna use..
we need a second session for this..maybe we'll also add some smoke or some more flowers..

(drawing: 3 hrs- tattooing: aprox 6 )


gipsyboy got some colors!
this photo is taken day after tattooing..
stuff on the table is indonesion food not some traditional, tribal tattoo-equipment :)
( 4 hrs tattooing )


some more pics of michiel
added some more graphics on his right arm..
is really beginning to look interesting..this is really the kind of tattoo which grows and becomes better with time..


started with shading and colouring after doin' quiet a bit of 'color-research :)
next time we're gonna do the 'warm' colors: deep red, orange-brown and pink..
i'm always so stoked to do red in a tattoo..don't know just a big kick :)
thanx Bart for the nice dubmixes and the reggae-documentary!

(2nd session: 6 hrs )

John the spammer 

3rd session for John..happy to see the lines we're all healed up nicely so we could start shading right away!! i really gotta get my photostuff together..cos this is kinda lame..all this shit in the background..

( session: 6 hrs )


3e sessie voor Tim
i think we need one more session..when it's finished and healed i'll take some decent pics
( session : 5 hrs )


Floor wanted 2 swallows..made a sketsch ( above, first pic ) first idea for her was : kinda small and no colours.. i started drawing on her arm and we ended up with this..pretty cool he?
( drawing: 2,5 hrs- tattooing: 4 hrs )


second session on Mik..i like the way the clothes turn into water and air..this buddha is one with surroundings.. as we all are ofcourse :) and yes we all are potential buddhas but that's a whole different story..
( session : 3,5 hrs )


James from south africa..was lucky..i had cancelation, now he has nice dragon :)
don't know if it's just me but man the skin on the inside of the arm can be a tuff mother@#
i was on a tight schedule with this one..started at 10..did some sketching on the arm..failed miserably (?)
returned to a drawing i made for him 2 days before..then drew the neck/body and claw freehand..
took me 4,5 hrs to do this..man i'm no Sabado that's for sure haha..

( drawing: 1,5 hrs- tattooing: 4,5 hrs )


after the dragonhead i had another tattoo to do... Nick wants to fill up his arms ( the stuff on his upper-arm is from someone else ) we started with 2 nice freehand roses..gonna be shaded, no colors..
 ( drawing bout 1 hr- tattooing 2,5 hrs )
that day i started at 10 ended at 10..i kinda deserved my Hertog Jan- Grand Prestige..fuck!
oh by the way thanx 'Gozu' for their music..great rock n roll/stoner band..check em out if u like kuyss and fu manchu and that kinda stuff!! album is called: 'Locust Season'


More on Angelo, who wanted his underarm-tattoo extended..
i'm proud the way it turned out..always exciting, freehand tattoos..you never know what the brain and the heart  is gonna come up with :)
 ( drawing: 3 hrs-tattooing 3,5 hrs if i recall correctly )

second session on Martin..really takes time to do shading as perfect as possible..but after a while it becomes like meditation..there's only me, the skin and 5 shades of black :)

( 2nd session: 6hrs )

Hopefully i'll be opening my own studio soon, probably in the Pijp area in Amsterdam..
Michiel surprised me today with this beautiful shopsign he made..beautiful...what a great present!!
check out his blog ( see links )
that's it for now guys..good night and god bless ; )

Denny Stam is a very nice lady who keeps gettin' more old school stuff done..this time we did a compass and a leg in fishnet-stocking...next time i hope we're gonna focus on shading and colouring the unfinished stuff..

hoppakee, die zit Patrick!! nice job dude :)
next up we're gonna do a back to the eighties skate thing on his arm..
i'm thinkin' 'skate or die' time for some skulls..

Tim came by to schedule 3th appointment..got me the chance to see how the 2nd session healed up..
when i see this i just wanna get my own backpiece..i'm thinkin' Thomas Hooper ;)

wow, i have 12 followers now... wonderful! welcome and thanx for joinin' really appreciate this :)
soon i will try and make this blog look a little better, more personal..
keep u posted!

When i was doing music a while back there were a few people in the 'music industry' i liked a lot.
Eric Corton was one of them. He didnt treat us like a lil piece of shit band like so many others...so i was more than welcome to help him with his bad ass knuckle tattoo 
( not so bad ass of course since it's about love for his lady :)
i was a bit nervous doin' this one since it's kinda hard doing hands and u never really knows how it's gonna heal up..but hey!.. looks good for now :)
Eric you know where to find me for a touch up if nescesary, don't be a stranger now :)

This here is Justin from london. Came in one day said he wanted a tiger, half sleeve..
so we did a sketsch-session on his arm and set a date to check the final design before makin' actual tattoo-appointment. Once i started drawing the tiger i noticed i didn't really like what came out..i needed more space for the tiger to be powerful or whatever..so i asked Justin if we could make it a 3/4 sleeve instead of a half. He didnt go for that cos of work, but came up with the idea of using the chest for the head of the tiger..sounded good for me :)
thing was i didnt have a design cos of this so when he came in i started drawing on his arm with the idea of tracing it and working it out on paper..after drawing for a few hours i felt confident enuf to make it a freehand tattoo ( only the cherry blossoms were stencils )..here's the result so far.. still need to do stripes on the legs, body and head and inside of the arm we're gonna do maybe a lotus flower..besides all the shading and colouring ofcourse!
this was a really tuff session, tigers are so hard to do especially freehand :)
but i'm really happy the way it came out..same for Justin by the way ;)

drawing 4 hrs- tattooing 4 hrs

It's been a while i did a koi carp..so i really had to study hard for this..i really like doing them cos there's all the repetition of lines..which gives it rythm..this with the flowing nature of water..it's just wonderful..
Martin did so well , it's his first tattoo and it was a full day session!
i need to thank Rob Admiraal for inspiration as well as Sabado and many other japanese artists :)

 (drawing: about 7 hrs- tattooing: about the same )

I know i have the best job in the world, really,serious, no kidding, no doubt about it..and it keeps getting better..i mean doing a crying gypsyboy..how cool can is that?!!
this was on my friend Marlon who aint no crybaby :)
first pic u see the sketch which i then trace on plastic foil and the work it out on paper, make a transfer and put it back on the arm..ready for lining!

( drawing & tattooing about 6 hrs )

3th session for chris, started with colours..the greys in the dragon are done with greys made with black and white ink while background shading is watered down black ink.. i think this will make the dragon more alive and  different than it's background..i gotta give my respect to Sabado who showed me how to mix colours! ( maybe one day i'll come close to his skills :) for those who don't know Sabado: here's a link: 

( tattooing: 6 hrs )

Siegbert has become a regular, started with a piece on his calf and look where we are now :)
it was kinda refreshing to do a big solid black piece..it's been a while..
I like hangin' out with this guy also cos besides the fact that we both like reggaemusic alot he always brings a huge pile of dropmentos :)

Second session on Saar. i thought we were gonna do some shading and colouring but she wanted to finish all the linework first on her ' sleeve'... makes sense :) wasnt easy fitting a design in and still lookin' kinda not like a 'filler in '  if u know what i mean..but i'm once again very happy the way it came out 
( i deserved my belgium beer that evening :)

Barry Boeket came in kinda open for ideas for his second tattoo..he knew he wanted his daughters name but that was about it..after lookin' at some old-school books we decided to go for a bird/ swallow.
i did a sketsch on his arm but wasnt convinced so we did a second one of which you can see the result..
needless to say shading and colour will be added :)
as you can see the lines are pretty thin for old skool stuff but i always keep in mind lines will become fatter already after a few weeks..

Denny decided to do some more on her old school project..so we did the linework of a sailor girl and a rose...nice session! lookin' forward to the next :)

I don't do tribal tattoos anymore sort of kinda, but sumtimes i still like to do maori-influenced work..
the fun thing is that it's completely freehand..so no paper-drawn designs..
i asked for a photo of his arm since he already had stuff..i got a family picture which was so cute i just had to do it :)

tattooing: one day session

Chris his second session..i love the way this is going...Chris had and still has a hard time dealin' with some stuff which happened recently but told me after the first session his outlook had changed already pretty drastic..it's a healing proces in 2 ways : the skin and soul :)
there's gonna be colors as well: red, orange and yellow and maybe some pink..but first the background!!
After this one will do a fighting rooster on his other arm..that's gonna be fun to

tattooing : 5,5 hrs

Bart Skills came up with a whole lot of different stuff/examples of stuff he wanted in his sleeve-tattoo..
took me a while to figure it out..a lot of the stuff i drew we decided not to use and i started again :)
the tattoo is about Bart's music ( he's a DJ) which abled him to travel, have fun and meet the woman of his dreams haha..let's just say this tattoo is a celebration of life! i think it rocks :)

drawing: 5 hrs
tattooing: 3-4 hrs

Shaded the angel on Ronnie. (second session) I used different types of grey for this one..the 'normal' graywash ( black ink and water ) and a mix of black/white and a drop of red..which gives a whole different look..

tattooing: approx 6 hrs

Aaah.. i love fresh skin :) Today i started big old-skool piece on Saar..
She wanted sugarskull but also stuff to do with Vlieland (nice island up north)
so we did coordinates in banner attached to anchor. Next session we're gonna do a seahorse and a sentence from the old anthem of Vlieland..

i'm really happy the way the 2 different designs came together..
( drawing: approx 4 hrs )
(tattooing: 5 hrs )

oh yeah, i started thinkin' bout doing some really crazy  80's stuff..annyone interested doing some ripped skin with hardrock dragons?  :) you'll be a trendsetter, promise !

Gilbert's Hanya just got shaded! a lotta people think there is colour being used: the brownish colour will dissapear..it's the blood shining tru the watered-down ink..although i actually kinda like it..it will lighten up to become smooth greywash tones

not bad for one session, all this shading..i really respect my customers for  dealing with the pain the way they do..Gilbert was hurting but took the pain in a calm way..not movin' around or complaining..
which makes it so much easier to work ( and faster too!!)

( tattooing: approx 4,5 hrs )

Today i started this chestpiece on Patrick..i think it rocks :) with shading it will be pretty amazing..
inspired by a pic he took from a buddhist statue on Bali but with much more detail and lines.
i'm always pretty impressed by the way he's takin' the pain..once we did a 7 hour session on his arm and he still didn't move a muscle..

drawing: 1 hour
tattooing: 3 hours

here's a detail of a full-colour sleeve.  This guy (Michiel vd Born) is a painter and lettering artist, proud ex-inhabitant of the city Leiden and used to have a soundsystem ( unfortunatly no reggae ;)
so we made a design with stuff like brushes, keys of leiden, and a big skull with headphones..
once i'll have some better pictures i'll upload 'em..
Michiel and i became friends so now i have to promote his art of course:
check out his website: www.26characters.com  

Gene's first session was in march..today we did the second session..
this is an image of 'kwan yin' the boddhisatva of compassion..
we will only use colors in the lotus and cherry blossoms
we will make some better pics once this is healed..the shadings are gonna be real smooth and soft..
we probably will do a dragon on the inside of the arm..
Gene was one of the happiest persons alive today..it's so rewarding when people go home smiling like  kids in a candystore :)
thanx Gene!

today session: approx 4 hrs

Chris had to have some patience for this one but tuesday we finally started his dragon. we both we pretty thrilled with the result..now he can't wait to start shading and colouring..neither can i..
this was all done with stencil so no freehand stuff (yet)   inside of the arm we will do partly freehand

designing approx: 5-6 hrs

tattooing: 5 hrs

here's close up of angel i started on Ronnie..think it's gonna be really nice shading this one..

This i started today..went in extra early to start the drawing of this 'bodhisatva-angel' 
it's kinda strange to do a bodhisatva with wings but it actually made sense to me..since 'western angels' and bodhisatvas from the east kinda have the same function ( protecting, guiding, etc)
Mik, who i did a dragon on before came up with the idea of a buddha-statue from Korea..
i thought it would be nice to make it a little more feminine..and i like flowing swirly stuff so there's gonna be water from which a sacred lotus arises, demon faces, fire and clouds..
the demon face it did freehand, little happy skulls will be added :)
Mik and i were really happy with the result yeah!

Carlos from Brasil wanted sumting about Amsterdam.. what he didn't want which were 2 things: women or ganja-leaves (yeah people there is more going on here :)..so i used the lion  and the crown from the wapen of amsterdam en took one of the three banners: 'vastberdaden' (= determined)
Carlos was kind enuf to give me all the freedom to come up with this which is really a nice thing!
thanx Carlos, hope you'll enjoy ur souvenir

drawing: 2hrs
tattooing:  2,5 hrs

i loved doing this one..drawing it , lining it but most of all doing the colors..
i like to keep the palet easy on the eyes..so basicly work with 4 or 5 colors and use them in a way that 'come back' on different spots..gives a nice repetition of colors
(sketching time: 3hrs- tattooing: about 5hrs)

 Hanya Masks i think are really hard to do..there so many of them but few look really good..i wanted to go in between a mask and a face..cos after all she's a woman turned into demon..(so here's my advice..when u do a demon mask..go back in time and think bout your ex-girlfriend )

i basicly did everything but the mask/face freehand..although i had the whole thing on paper, i wasnt happy so started erasing the transfer and started drawing..took a while to get it right 
(total workin' time: about 6-7 hrs)

some people will never grow up (myself included). This guy Daan he still likes to see the world as his bike-racetrack..when he was a kid he won a lot of races and this piece kinda goes to show you  a victory should be celebrated with a kick ass tattoo (even if it's been many years ago haha)
oh yeah we still need to come up with sumting in the shield..hmm any ideas?

if i have the chance to put in some flames..i'll do it..cos they look so good
(6-7 hrs of work)

here's Leon, he's the only one allowed in the workin' space without actually being tattooed..
(he's our supplier of stand-up comedy, either being an artist he's representing or being funny himself)
he's got a lot of work done by Darko and i'm working on the chestpiece. when were done with that we gonna do a' battle royal' on his back. why? cos obviously he likes a good fight :) don't let the knuckles fool ya!

started this one a while back..lookin forward finishing this..probably be next year..people are just way to busy nowadays :)

i like the way it flows..thta's what i like about japanese stuff..you can make it flow like water or air

first time i did a fox..he first wanted only text but i think we both agreed this looked a bit more special
(one session- about 3,5 hrs of tattooing i think) 

also one of my favourites: a full sleeve of kwan yin ( boddhisatva of compassion) she's holding a lotusflower and a bottle and on the inside there's a dragon. this was 2nd session..now al the lines are done..when you see the drawing on paper you'd think it is for a backpiece..thnx john for all your spam by the way :)

one of the claws and a cherryblossom..this bit was done freehand..john first wanted to get the names of his kids here but we decided that would be a tattoo on it's own

okay here you see pieces n bits of the dragon..alot of it freehand as well...next time i'll show the head better..

so..this guy's name is Tim..he came in one day and wanted a tattoo kinda going across the back in a diagonal ( is this correct english?) way..i talked him into a full backpiece since it would definitly kick ass..he had the cross already so we added skulls and roses around it with the eagle above it and banner and text..this was done in one session..Tim: you're the man!! we did a second session a week ago and startde the shading..it's gonna rock! keep u posted

i really loved workin on this one..Dennis first came up with the idea to have the text done: 'music is what feelings sound like'...i asked him if he would be interested in doing image as well..music is always kinda hard to symbolize..unless you want the guitar or the musicbars ( sigh) we came up with a bird well known for his vocals: the japanese nightingale..must say this birdy has some beautiful colors going for him as well..next session we give her a paint..really love this one..maybe i'll post the drawing of this one
so you can see what the colors are like..anyway Dennis works in the famous 'ijsfabriek' in the jordaan..check out their italian ice..one of the best ..if not THE best :)